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Sustainable Kitchen Swaps

Today we're discussing one room of the house we all probably spend an insane amount of time in. The Kitchen. It's arguably the heart of the home. It brings us all together, memories are made in it, and stomachs are fed thanks to it. So it only makes sense for us to want to make it as eco-friendly and affordable as possible.

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Creative Ways to be Zero Waste With Kids

The best way to start tackling your environmental impact is to start at home. Going zero-waste is a big lifestyle change - but by involving the whole family it can become a creative and educational learning experience. Here’s a few ways to get everyone involved, including the kids!!  1. Teach Kids About the Environment  This is the most long lasting, zero-waste method with children. Spending time in nature can lead to kids being an advocate for a mor sustainable life later on. We can be teachers for children to learn early on the power and importance of nature by taking time to walk outside and teach them about the planet, plants, and animals. Not only is this incredibly interactive, but...

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10 Ways To Reuse Your Jars

One of the first steps we took towards living a zero-waste lifestyle was reusing our jars. If you already do this, or would like to start, this article is for you!! Here's 10 of our favourite ways to reuse our old jars. 

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