10 Ways To Reuse Your Jars

Making the jump to a zero-waste mindset and sustainable lifestyle can be daunting. Where do you start? Are you doing it wrong? Is it all in or nothing?

First off, congratulations. You've completed the first step - deciding to do better. Sometimes just choosing to make changes is the hardest part. As for where you start - anywhere is best!!  Whether that be switching out your grocery bags, your shampoo or just using a reusable straw. Taking that first leap is all it takes, and we promise you it'll become addicting (not only for the joy of saving our resources and planet, but also because zero-waste is less clutter, and less clutter is peace of mind). Making little efforts every day is is perfect - no ones asking you to completely change your life overnight. 

One of the first steps we took towards living a zero-waste lifestyle was reusing our jars. If you already do this, or would like to start, this article is for you!! Here's 10 of our favourite ways to reuse our old jars. 

  1. SpicesInstead of buying plastic spice containers, we chose to refill our old mason jars and jam jars with spices from the bulk food store or refill station. In addition to less waste, they look super cute with some labels in our cupboard. 
  2. Gift Jars: We love giving gifts, and more so homemade ones. During the holidays or birthdays, we'll fill our jars with homemade cookie and cake mixes, throw on some twine and a cute instruction card and start handing them out to everyone. We've also done BBQ rubs, bath salts, and fizz powders. Affordable, cute and zero waste. 
  3. Terrariums: This one is fun for all ages, and also another great gift. Make your own terrarium with your left over jars - any shape or size. They don't take up much space, are whimsical and incredibly easy to care for. Just wash your favourite jar, find a good pin on Pinterest and give it a whirl!!
  4. Travel First Aid Kit: Perfect for the accident prone and travellers. Find an old jar with a lid that fits, and fill with all the essentials. Band Aids, cotton pads, alcohol wipes, etc. They fit perfectly in a backpack or purse, and are easily refillable. 
  5. Soap Dispenser: Soap bottles are often made of non-recyclable plastic, so why not have a cute, reusable one? Grab the pump off of your empty lotion, shampoo/conditioner or soap containers, a mason jar+lid, some glue and you're set. All you need to do is cut a hole in the top of the mason jar lid, glue the pump to it, and fill with your favourite refillable soap. (You can even go a step further and make your own soap!!) Cue DIY videos!! 
  6. Plant a Herb Garden: What's better than having fresh herbs? Growing them yourself in your very own DIY Herb Garden!! It's so easy and rewarding, you'll be hooked. Fill a jar with soil, plant a few herb seeds, place in your window with some periodical watering and before you know it, you'll have your very own garden. 
  7. Lunch or Left Overs Containers: This is probably our most used tip for jars. Whether we have left overs from dinner or need to pack a quick lunch jars save us every. single. time. Perfect for coffee (make sure you have a jar that's heat resilient), soups, salads, pasta.. you get the idea. They save space and are quick and convenient. 
  8. DIY Lanterns: Simply insert a tea light candle, tie some twine around the rim and voila! You have a lantern. 
  9. Store Craft Supplies: Jars are tried and true for holding all your crafting accessories. Buttons, beads, nails, screws, etc. Keep things organized and easily accessible with your leftover jars. 
  10. Infusing Your Own Olive Oil: We do this all too often, but the combinations are endless. Not to mention it's so easy and delicious. Find your preferred combination of herbs (we love basil), and some plain olive oil. Fill your jar and add your herbs, make sure the lid is on tight and let sit for 1-2 weeks (depending on how flavourful you'd like it to be).

Those are our favourite ways to reuse our old jars, but as you can imagine the list is endless. We hope you feel inspired to try something new, and if you do make sure to post a picture and tag us!! We'd love to see. 

Thank you for coming along on our journey, and we'll be back next Friday with more tips, tricks and sustainable tidbits!!