How To Make Your Christmas Dinner Eco-Friendly

Swapping gifts, celebrating with loved ones and making memories  sums up many Christmas day celebrations for families far and wide. Christmas music or your favourite holiday movie playing in the background, the smells of Christmas dinner fill the air.. life is absolutely perfect in that moment. 

Unfortunately Christmas dinner is another area that could use some help in the sustainability department and we're here to give you all the tips and tricks! Follow along below to see how you can implement eco-friendly choices  and sustainability into your holiday meal. 

1. Shop Local for Ingredients 

Stop in at your local butcher, make a trip to the Farmer's Market, grab those freezer bags full of leftovers from this summer's harvest and try your best to avoid shopping from mass producers or farms. Supporting your local farmers not only helps the local economy, it also cuts down on the carbon footprint made by supermarkets. If you do need to stop into a grocery store, try to choose companies with sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives in place. 

2. Buy Practically 

As mentioned above if you're cooking for a few or many people, try to shop consciously. Buy in bulk (saves waste and usually money as well) and try to use everything you purchase. Remember vegetable scraps can be saved and frozen for broth, leftovers can be used for new creations (mashed potatoes can be used the next morning for home fries) and composter's are our best friends!!

3. Use Your Kitchen Wisely

This one seems simple but is often forgotten. Try to keep your oven door closed as much as possible to conserve heat, use a grill when if it's an option to cut down on energy usage, use silverware and plates instead of paper or plastic, fill the sink when you wash dishes and don't leave the tap running and reuse pots and pans without washes (if possible and sanitary). 

4. Cut Down On Food Waste

We named a few ideas above but this topic can be discussed at length always! Not only can you save vegetable scraps for broth but you can use leftover pie crust for next day breakfast treats, table flour from rolling dough can be made into ornaments and decor, herb scraps can be made into ice cubes for easy seasoning - the options are endless. We recommend planning ahead before purchasing ingredients to cut down initially, but a quick Pinterest search will give you hundreds of ideas for other ways to cut down on your food waste this holiday season. 

5. Buy Seasonally 

While we love to provide a plethora of options for those we are entertaining, an easy and often overlooked tip is to purchase seasonal items. For example having strawberries and berries on the table may not be ideal as their carbon footprint would greatly outweigh the reward. The strawberries would of travelled quite the distance to make it to your table which negatively affects our environment. 

And most importantly...

Create Consciously! When planning, executing and cleaning up after your holiday dinner think consciously about what you're doing, where it's going and how you can be more sustainable. The act of being sustainable doesn't have to be intimidating or off-putting - soon enough it will become second nature! Do what you can while you can, and remember you don't have to live 100% eco-friendly. Just aim to be 1% more eco-friendly every day. 

Happy Cooking!