Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are a time honoured tradition and something everyone looks forward to Christmas morning. A lot of conventional stocking stuffers involve quite a bit of plastic or are trinkets and gadgets that often find their way to the landfill. You can avoid that this year by choosing a few sustainable stocking stuffers instead! Don’t feel like you have to buy a TONS of stuffers, we find that 2-4 is the perfect amount (but that's just our personal preference!).

Here's a list of a few of our favourite stocking stuffers for this holiday season: 

Reusable Face Masks

With a year like no other you can't go wrong with reusable face masks. Click here to see our handmade masks available in multiple patterns and colours to give you some inspiration!

Hand Sanitizer (Refillable or Recyclable)

Again, this year you really can't have enough hand sanitizer. It can be taken anywhere you go and proves to be a useful tool to combat against germs. If you'd like, take a look at ours here - it's all natural and won't dry your hands out!! Plus, it smells like lemons (drool!).

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Growing up we always had a new toothbrush waiting for us in our stocking. Not until I grew older did I realize how amazing this was and how it signified starting new and fresh. This year you don't have to feel guilty buying plastic toothbrushes - grab a bamboo one and throw it in your composter or garden when you're finished with it! Grab one of ours here and give the gift of good hygiene this season. 

Compostable Dental Floss

Compostable Dental Floss is the perfect addition to a Bamboo Toothbrush! Happy teeth, happy life! Plus zero-waste.. it really doesn't get any better than that! Check out ours here

Reusable Safety Razor + Razor Blades

Goodbye disposable razors, cuts and scratches and hello Reusable Stainless Steel Safety Razors! Made for longevity and durability, Safety Razors are the perfect swap for anyone using disposable razors. Each blade is good for at least 5 shaves and is easily replaced. The razor itself lasts a lifetime. It's also designed to be impossible to cut yourself - hallelujah!! Check out our Safety Razor here, and our razor blade refills here. The perfect gift for anyone on your list (except children - please don't give them razors, they're scary enough as is!!). 

Bath Bombs and Soap Bars

Who doesn't love the gift of self care? Especially all natural and zero-waste self care? We know we can't live without it! If you're like us then we know you're going to LOVE giving the gift of relaxation this holiday season. Check out our collection of bath bombs here and our soap bars here for some drool worthy stocking stuffers. 

Eye Pillows

Another perfect gift for those loving relaxation and self care. Eye Pillows are a life saver! They can be frozen or chilled to reduce puffiness, warmed up for headache relief, used with essential oils for deeper relaxation and so much more. You can check out ours here, which are handmade and filled with all natural flax seed and wrapped in organic cotton. 


We L O V E candles! All sizes, styles and scents! And we absolutely adore getting them as gifts! If you're like us or know a candle lover, then candles are the perfect stocking stuffer!! Pick a favourite scent or one you think they'll love and put a cute note on a gift tag! We have a few amazing soy candles to choose from or to gather some inspiration from! View them here. 


Last but not least, our favourite stocking stuffers are those that are homemade. Ones that took time and love to create and ones that we'll cherish forever. Try making one of your stuffers this season - we promise you'll love every moment of it. Give Pinterest a quick search and get crafty!