Local Businesses We LOVE (and you should too!)

Supporting local is one of the most important and influential things we as consumers can do. When we support our local businesses we boost the local economy, help our friends, family and neighbours and get something completely unique and special in return. You can support your local businesses by making a purchase, following/liking/sharing their social media content, signing up for their newsletters or telling friends and family about them. This holiday season, support your local and small businesses. We've put together a list of our favourite small businesses, and have included their websites and social media links! Browse through and find some new favourites, and show your support!! Like, share or follow them and show them how much you love their work! 


Models And Monsters

modelsandmonsters.com | @modelsandmonsters

Jessi breaks down the barriers of stigma and takes charge with mental health advocacy through her brand and business Models and Monsters. More than just apparel and accessories, Jessi has created a safe space and open dialogue for all those navigating the unknown path of mental health and illness. She creates bold jewellery and accessories alongside thought provoking and badass apparel. Check her out, we promise you won't be disappointed. 

This Little Light Apparel

raisethemkind.ca @thislittlelightapparel

Laura embarked on a mission to spread love and kindness to those around her through her brand and business This Little Light. "Loving our children, teaching them about acceptance, diversity, standing up for the right thing, becoming an ally - these are the qualities that matter, and the values that will help impact change. Raise Them Kind is an invitation, a sentiment and a reminder." We love Laura's apparel and want to shout "Be Kind" from the rooftops - and we know you'll feel the same way after checking out This Little Light. 

The Folk

thefolk.ca | @thefolk.ca

The Folk represents the heart and soul of our community. It's the best memories, backroads, secret spots and favourite places all in one. It's a way of life and who we are. Through apparel and accessories The Folk proudly showcases Norfolk County and all of its beauty while actively giving back to the community. A portion of each sale goes towards gift cards from local businesses, which you have the chance to win each month. The Folk takes hometown proud to a new, amazing level and are one of our absolute favourite local businesses. If you haven't checked them out yet, put it on the top of your to-do list!

Suneshine Bracelets Co

sunshinebraceletsco.com  |  @sunshinebraceletsco 

Katie took her high school marketing class project to a whole new level by creating an incredible bracelet company that brings joy and style to her customers. All of her creations are handmade and so adorable! Get some sunshine in your life and check her out!

Greatful Living Apparel

greatfulliving.ca  |  @greatfullivingapparel

With a goal to spread awareness and help rebuild the health of the Great Lakes, Grateful Living was born. Cozy sweaters, soft t-shirts and a message with a mission - there's so much to love! Check out Greatful Living to learn more about how you can help save our largest freshwater resource!


Down Our Dirt Road Co

etsy.com/DownOurDirtRoadCo | @downourdirtroadco

The ultimate maker, creator and DIY'er. We love Alicia's creations and are always so excited to see her new pieces! In addition to creating gorgeous wreaths, she's an incredible mother, woman and entrepreneur!  Make sure to check her out and trust us, you're gonna want everything she makes! 

Little Pine Co

littlepinecompany.com  | @jotiwall

Joti is the maker and creative genius behind Little Pine Co and all we have to say is WOW. Her creations are gorgeous, her aesthetic is flawless, her children are adorable and she is an absolute wonder woman. Her embroidery art is one of a kind and purely breathtaking - we recommend setting numerous alarms and reminders the next time her commissions open as owning one of her pieces brings a joy like no other. Take a moment to go check her out (you can thank us later). 

Arjan Lamers Art

lamersandco.com | @arjanlamersart

Arjan is one of our absolute favourite local artists. His work primarily consists of mixed media pieces that draw you in with bold, bright colours and leave you in awe of his perfectly depicted subjects. Whimsical yet breathtakingly serene, it's hard to look away from his work. Arjan offers prints as well as original works and commissions. We highly recommend you check out his work. 

Paper Birch Art

paperbirchart.com | @paperbirchart

Photography turned Greeting Cards... amazing right? That's what Michelle has done with her gorgeous art! Paper Birch Art was created to showcase landscape and floral photographs and has flourished into an incredible, fully Canadian small business. A piece for every occasion, the cards are beautifully done and almost too pretty to give away!! Head on over to Michelle's website to see some one of a kind pieces.

Rachel Hamm

Rachel is an up and coming photographer who is hitting the ground running as she documents Norfolk County and the intimate moments that make up her subjects lives'. Self-taught and highly sought after, Rachel is quickly becoming one of Norfolk County's favourite photographers. We love having Rachel capture our memories and know she's going to do great things in the art community. Check out her portfolio, we know you'll like what you see. 

Ivory Fern

If we can only say one thing about Ivory.. then all we have to say is "Fresh, fresh, freshhhhhhh".  Ivory has the best smoothies, the freshest power bowls and the tastiest sandwiches. Our go-to for lunch dates, quick fixes and healthy eats. Not only do they have the best food, but their decor and staff are beyond amazing too! Check them out and grab a bite to eat - but be careful! They're addictive.
Thrive Norfolk

Farm to table has never been so perfect. Matt takes that phrase to a whole new, exciting level with Thrive Norfolk. Six courses from one acre, he expertly prepares an amazing experience and a night you'll be sure to never forget. Upon arrival, you're seated in the middle of a garden surrounded by sunflowers and gorgeous farm views. One by one, Matt presents a dish, somehow better than the last to elevate your tastebuds and other senses. He prepares each plate in front of you, as you watch him gather ingredients from nearby rows of flourishing produce. Definitely an experience to add to your bucket list, and the perfect way to enjoy all that Norfolk County offers. 

Joy Bakery

Drool worthy coffee, sustainability and tasty treats .. we're in heaven. Joy Bakery is our go-to for coffee and baked goods and one of our favourite local businesses with sustainable initiatives! Biodegradable packaging, compostable straws, coffee grind up cycling... we tip our hats to Joy Bakery and Cafe! If you're in need for some amazing coffee or the worlds best cookie, head their way! 


OThree Fitness And Flow

Mckenzie at OThree Fitness and Flow helps clients achieve their fitness goals by incorporating yogic practices and training experiences through a holistic approach by connecting the body and mind with physical fitness and breath. She has created a soothing, welcoming space for those of all abilities and areas of life to unify and achieve enlightenment. We highly recommend checking out Mckenzie and all she has to offer.
The Jasmine Collective

We're not going to lie.. we'd be LOST without Sharna and her amazing posts with The Jasmine Collective. She is so much more than essential oils! She is a DIY'er, maker, mother, strong AF woman and all around ray of light. Need a recipe for DIY Deodorant? Ask Sharna. Don't know how to use a specific oil? Ask Sharna. Need a laugh with a clever post? Go check out Sharna's profile. If you're new to essential oils or a seasoned user, we guarantee you'll learn something new following along with her journey. Check her out today!

RBS Aesthetics

Hands down Rowan is the skin care queen! She makes us feel our best each and every time we see her. Rowan is knowledgeable in her field and goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals and gives the MOST relaxing facials ever! Treat yourself or your favourite people and visit RBS for all of your skincare needs. 

Lindsay K

Our favourite fashionista and the Queen of Up-cycling, Lindsay serves us daily style inspiration and to die for vintage finds. The best part? You can buy what she posts! Check out her store and instagram for incredible pieces that you're going to want in your closet ASAP. 


Growing Up Norfolk

Born and raised in Norfolk County, Sophia shares her love for all the Norfolk has to offer through her blog and store, Growing Up Norfolk. Lover of all things local and hand crafted, Sophia created her Local Loves Box to showcase the amazing small businesses in and around Norfolk County. The Local Love Boxes are hand curated and packed full of different items, with a portion of all sales going to the Growing Up Norfolk scholarship fund. We're sure she's got exciting things lined up for 2021, so go ahead and check her out. 

Evolving Autumn

We don't have enough hours in the day to recreate all of Autumn's amazing dishes - but thats okay, we live vicariously through her! Dish after dish, Autumn serves affordable, healthy and mindful meals on her instagram and blog. With a motto of "create, nourish, evolve" she brings relatability, compassion and an open dialogue to the table as well, welcoming all humans from any path or area of life to enjoy seasonal goodness. If we were you, we'd be scrolling through her blog already so head on over and check it out!