The Refill Program

How it Works:

Here at Sustainable Folk we refill your empty containers and jars with all natural and organic home and body products! Once you select a product from our refill menu we tare + fill the container, weigh it and then give you the total! All prices are marked on the refill menu so don't worry - there's no surprises at checkout. 

Jar Return: 

At this time due to COVID-19 we are only using Sustainable Folk Jars but in the future when regulations are lighter we will gladly accept customer containers. This allows us to ensure all COVID-19 guidelines and protocols are followed for your safety and ours. For now this is how our Jar Return looks:

Each mason jar is sold with a $2 deposit fee. When you are ready to return your jars, simply place them on your front or side step in the morning on delivery day, and we will swap them with full ones and refund your account for the returns. 

*Please note we have chosen to use an outside cleaning service specializing in COVID-19 adherence to sanitize the jars and lids which requires the same style and type of jars for organization. This is why we cannot currently accept other household jars and containers. 

Refill Zones + Schedule: 

All divisions and area's of Norfolk County are eligible for Refill Delivery. Deliveries are done by Wards (1-7). Please note this schedule is ONLY for Refills. All other order's will follow our weekend delivery schedule (if you would like to include your refill in your delivery please send us a message). 

 Delivery Day:  Order Day:
Ward 1:
St.Williams, Port Rowan, Long Point (and surrounding area's) 
 Monday by 5pm.  Order by Sunday at 9pm. 
Wards 2,3,4:
Delhi, Langton, Vittoria (and surrounding area's) 
Wednesday by 5pm.  Order by Tuesday at 9pm. 
Wards 5,6,7:
Simcoe, Port Dover, Waterford (and surrounding area's) 
Friday by 5pm.  Order by Thursday at 9pm.